Massage Pro Mentorship

BBD Mentorship Program

“Start offering client-centered
solutions in your clinic.”

 Develop a roadmap for programming pain-relief solutions.

Start your journey now and learn how to:

Identify pain indicators

Build trust and motivation

Bridge the gap between
 client and create a pain-relief program

Design a program
for real pain-relief

Develop an interest for
each client

Meet Your Instructor

Clinton Merrifield


Clinton Merrifield is a Master Myoskeletal Therapist, certified from the Erik Dalton “Freedom From Pain Institute.” As an MMT, Clinton dedicates his protocols to providing long-term pain relief to every client. Additionally, Clinton is certified through Paul Kelly’s Physiokinetix Training (PKT) at the “Temple Human Performance.” Also, Clinton is a Selective Functional Movement Assessment and Functional Movement Screen  practitioner, certified through the Gray Cook’s “Functional Movement Systems,” for the evaluation and treatment of orthopedic impairments and body movement dysfunctions.

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Outcomes on completing the BBD mentorship program will allow you to:

+   Apply a range of hands-on-techniques for treating
the most complicated pain patterns

+   Understand how to identify pain sources
and how to educate your clients
on revised movement habits for pain-relief

+   Design a specific movement program with a
step-by-step template suited for every client

BBD Mentorship Program


  • Enabling clients to return to daily activities
  • Bridging the gap to bring all the pieces together
    in easy-to-understand solutions for your clients
  • Risk and injury prevention is a primary goal to help clients return to normal daily activities
  • Reliability and longevity  programs that build long-term pain-relief
  • Roadmap to lead us in the right direction
    for long term pain-relieif
  • Orthopedic assessments because
    “if you are not assessing, you are guessing”
  • Motivation and trust throughout the program
    to break down barriers and create good habits

Getting Started

+ Introductions and getting started
+Checklist and Overview
+Resources and Term Concepts

Block 1
Orientation and Concepts

Block 3
Assessments and Strain Patterns

BBD Mentorship Program
5 Blocks

Block 4
The Treatment Process

Module 8

Bridging the Gap
+Combine the profile, assessments, and goals
+ Design a plan to help restore motivation/self-management
+Create an individual client program

Module 7

Functional Training
+Concepts of motor control
+ Balance and stability
+ Finding the opportune time for adaptations

Module 6

Manual Therapy
+Applying Myoskeletal Alignment
+ Techniques (MAT)
+ Work smarter not harder

Module 9

Scalable Approaches
+ Building a strength foundation
+Motivation to create desire
+ Follow-ups and live video

Module 5

Setting wellness orientated goals
+ Mutual understanding with client
+ Identify issues and set goals
+ Extend and re-frame the goals
+ Eliminate goal confusion

Block 5
Putting It All Together

Module 3

Factors to consider in the holistic model
+Structural, chemical, intellectual, and emotional
+ History and context
+ Environment and future

Module 4

Find the true cause of pain
+Orthopedic assessments and movement
+ Gait analysis
+ Muscle imbalance and different strain patterns

Module 1

Designing the profile
+ Onboarding interview template overview
+Finding interest in the client's story
+Connecting inactivity and pain to a client's motivation

Block 2
Deigning A Profile

Module 2

A holistic model of health
+ Physical
+ Emotional
+ Socially