Peer Mentorship

WHY Better Body Dynamics peer mentoring?

"So,YOU will be the best YOU can be!”
Better Body Dynamics peer mentoring makes a difference!
It is all about YOU – the mentee!
5 benefits of having a mentor

Better Body Dynamics peer mentoring will help YOU stand out in an evolving career field.  The program will equip YOU with the tools needed to think creatively, better educate your clients, and provide long term pain relief.

Better Body Dynamics wants to make each individual therapist (YOU) become a “go-to” person for pain relief through orthopedic assessments and movement (OAM).

A mentor’s job is to take great people, push them, and make them even better.
- Steve Jobs
Better Body Dynamics is ready to help!

To meet today’s consumer demands for professional and better equipped manual therapists, the Better Body Dynamics peer mentoring program provides a combination of academic presentations, live hands-on demos of advanced assessments, manual therapy, and movement training exercises.

Each peer mentoring program will feature individual peer mentoring with a tailored line-up of up-to-the minute manual therapy modalities, new application skills, and new performance measurements.

Each mentee (YOU) will receive peer-to-peer hands-on instruction of your choice, such as: assessments, neck pain, back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, nerve pain, rotator cuff, SI dysfunction, compensation patterns, and movement training.

The Better Body Dynamics peer mentoring program is conducted Live Stream or at the Center for Life, Suite 600, 12915 Jones-Maltsberger Rd., San Antonio, TX 78247.

Individual arrangements can be considered for personal schedules.

Single Session (2-hours): $75
Two Sessions: $135

For a one-on-one peer mentoring consultation, please eMAIL US!

The Better Body Dynamics peer mentoring program will provide YOU a new and enhanced knowledge of the industry through positive academic and hands-on training in orthopedic assessments and movement.